SULZER Pumps and Equipment for the Paper Industry

TDM is proud to be an Authorized Sulzer pump distributor offering pulp and paper process pumps and equipment designed to handle the demands of New England’s paper industry. Sulzer is a recognized industry leader of premium products for the pulp and paper industry. It is important that the pumping and mixing will be as economical as possible. The long-term economy of the Sulzer Pumps product line is based on high efficiency and low operating and maintenance costs.

Contact your TDM rep today to learn more about our services and the Sulzer Pump product line. TDM services all makes and models of pumps for the Pulp and Paper industry. We have listed several of the other brands we deal with on a daily basis below.

Pulp and Paper Process Pumps Brands

We pride ourselves in carrying the widest selection of specialty pumps north of Boston. Our 30-years of experience has allowed us to assemble a commercial, industrial and municipal pump product selection that is unmatched in the area.

  • Sulzer Pumps
  • Peerless Pumps
  • IMO Pumps
  • WSP Pumps
  • Ahlstrom Pumps
  • Paco Pumps
  • Allweiler Pumps
  • Roto-Jet Pumps
  • Warren Pumps
  • Warman Pumps
  • Floway Pumps
  • Wemco Pumps
  • Borger Pumps
  • Hazelton Pumps
  • Carver Pumps
  • MTH Pumps
  • Pioneer Pumps
  • Galigher Pumps
  • Vertiflo Pumps
  • LeBour Taber Pumps
  • Franklin Electric Pumps
  • Travaini Pumps
  • National Pumps
  • Grundfos Pumps
  • Cascade Pumps
  • Flygt Pumps
  • HBE Engineering
  • Tuthil Pumps
  • Circor Pumps
  • Weir Pumps