TDM’s Rick Chapman Was Interviewed for a SAM Magazine Article

Snow making pumpsTDM’s Rick Chapman was interviewed for a SAM Magazine Article. Rick has been working at Trask-Decrow Machinery for over 36 year. The majority of those years have been in ski sales, focusing on the design and implementation of snow making pumps and systems. Rick has put together snow making applications in mountains all over New England, in the Western US and even as far away as Alaska and Japan.

Rick was recently interviewed for an article about the way the pump industry has changed in regards to snow making technology. He sited the many pump suppliers Trask-Decrow Machinery uses to provide the best pump selection for optimal performance for its customers. He also noted that there has been an increase of rehabbing existing pumps to accommodate higher pressures required of updated snow making systems. Rick suggests that facilities perform pressure flow tests on their pumps to determine if rehabbing a pump is possible. Rick goes on to explain the part pump curves play in deciding if a pump can be overhauled and the extensive process that the technicians at Trask-Decrow Machinery go through to make those changes.

The article, which touches on the same issues air compressor suppliers face with their part in snow making applications, can be found on SAM Magazine’s website at