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MTH Pump began as MTH Tool Company in 1965 with their regenerative turbine pump technology being the core of their business.   Developed and manufactured in Plano Illinois, MTH uses state-of-the-art computer controlled machining equipment to provide consistently reliable products. The standard MTH product line includes low flow, high pressure regenerative turbines (1000PSI & 150GM) as well as a line of small centrifugal pumps (60PSI & 100GPM).   From the early days of the company MTH has been dedicated to making sure their standard catalog items are in stock and available to distributors in 3-5 days or less.   This has been done while maintaining superior performance prodcuts with high reliability and low cost of ownership.

MTH Regenerative Pump

MTH Pump Applications:

MTH Pumps are specified for applications across the commercial and industrial sectors.

  • Boiler Feed
  • Condensate Return
  • Chillers / Temperature Controllers
  • Water Services
  • Refrigeration
  • Petroleum
  • Chemical Process Applications

TDM and MTH Pumps

MTH’s pumps fit perfectly into the TDM pump lineup are highly regarded by our sales and service staff. From the P31 Series regenerative turbine pumps to the 140 – 280 Series we know MTH Pumps delivers a quality, performance oriented product that our demanding customers can rely on. TDM is proud to distribute and service MTH pumps throughout New England.

For more information on standard MTH Pumps offerings or custom regenerative turbine pumps, please contact your TDM representative.

Industrial Pump Brands

We pride ourselves in carrying the widest selection of specialty pumps in New England. Our 35-years of experience has allowed us to assemble a commercial, industrial and municipal pump product selection that is unmatched in the area.

  • Sulzer Pumps
  • Peerless Pumps
  • IMO Pumps
  • WSP Pumps
  • Ahlstrom Pumps
  • Paco Pumps
  • Allweiler Pumps
  • Roto-Jet Pumps
  • Warren Pumps
  • Warman Pumps
  • Floway Pumps
  • Wemco Pumps
  • Borger Pumps
  • Hazelton Pumps
  • Carver Pumps
  • MTH Pumps
  • Pioneer Pumps
  • Galigher Pumps
  • Vertiflo Pumps
  • LeBour Taber Pumps
  • Franklin Electric Pumps
  • Travaini Pumps
  • National Pumps
  • Grundfos Pumps
  • Cascade Pumps
  • Flygt Pumps
  • HBE Engineering
  • Tuthil Pumps
  • Circor Pumps
  • Weir Pumps