Flygt Pumps

Flygt pumps are known for sustained high efficiency delivering maximum uptime and the lowest cost.

  • Wastewater and Stormwater Mitigation Pumps (N-Pumps)
  • Submersible Solids Handling Pumps (Municipal & Industrial)
  • Wet / Dry Pit Pumps
  • Dewatering (Drainage & Slurry Pumps)
  • Progressive Cavity Pumps (Sludge Handling)

Paco Pumps

PACO pumps are a preferred centrifugal pump choice for many market applications.

  • Close Coupled End Suction Pumps (LC, LCV)
  • Horizontal Split Case Pumps (KP, KPV, KPH)
  • Vertical Inline Pumps (VL, VLS)
  • Booster Packages (MiniFlo, PACOflo)
  • Low NPSH Centrifugal Pumps (OLN, LN)
  • Small Sewage and Effluent Pumps (PIP 500/700)
  • Vertial Column Non-Clog Pumps (QDSC, NSC)
  • Dry Pit Non-Clog Pumps (NCH, NCF, NCP, NCU, NCVU)

Peerless Pump

Peerless Pumps (Grundfos) is one of the largest Vertical Turbine pump manufactures TDM distributes.

  • Horizontal Split Case, Vertical Turbine, In-Line & End Suction Fire Pumps
  • Peerless Freestream Solids Handling Pumps
  • Submersible Vertical Turbine Pumps
  • Self Priming Process Pumps

De-Watering Pump Brands

We pride ourselves in carrying the widest selection of specialty pumps north of Boston. Our 30-years of experience has allowed us to assemble a commercial, industrial and municipal pump product selection that is unmatched in the area.

  • Sulzer Pumps
  • Peerless Pumps
  • IMO Pumps
  • WSP Pumps
  • Ahlstrom Pumps
  • Paco Pumps
  • Allweiler Pumps
  • Roto-Jet Pumps
  • Warren Pumps
  • Warman Pumps
  • Floway Pumps
  • Wemco Pumps
  • Borger Pumps
  • Hazelton Pumps
  • Carver Pumps
  • MTH Pumps
  • Pioneer Pumps
  • Galigher Pumps
  • Vertiflo Pumps
  • LeBour Taber Pumps
  • Franklin Electric Pumps
  • Travaini Pumps
  • National Pumps
  • Grundfos Pumps
  • Cascade Pumps
  • Flygt Pumps
  • HBE Engineering
  • Tuthil Pumps
  • Circor Pumps
  • Weir Pumps