Doosan VP900 Portable Electric Air Compressor at TDM

The Doosan VP900 portable electric air compressor has arrived at TDM! It features three onboard motors, one airend motor and two cooling fan motors. These motors replace the traditional diesel engine found in most portable compressors. All of the motors are controlled by a VFD system that monitors the needs of the compressor and can change the output of the motors to provide the exact power needed for the job. This unique feature increases energy efficiency while cutting energy costs at the same time. In addition, the maximum amperage on the compressor can be set anywhere from 200-300 amps for flexibility at work sites that have limited power available or simply to match the electric provider’s electrical service.

Doosan VP900e Electric Air Compressor

Another great feature of the Doosan VP900e electric air compressor is that the compressor operator can adjust its pressure to any level from 90 to 150 psi and the unit will provide between 400 and 900 cfm. The VP900e is 100 percent emissions free, ultra quiet and operations are made simple with Doosan’s View Port control system. It is packaged in the same rugged and reliable way of all Doosan’s air compressors and portable utility equipment, which features heavy duty tandem-axle running gear and extended-life slipper spring systems to protect during highway towing. Give us a call if you would like to rent the new VP900e electric compressor or stop by just to take a peek; you won’t be disappointed!